In recent days, Mr. McCain has been increasingly called out by news organizations, editorial boards and independent analysts
The debate last night was just the most vivid example of what we've known all along: John McCain is out of touch on women's health.
McCain won the battle to most thrill the activists but Obama got the bigger prize: he defined himself as a reasonable seeker of the common ground.
If the coming election is lost, to put the matter bluntly, women will come full circle. Overruling Roe would return choice to the states.
Catholics United today unveiled a new ad campaign asking why Senator John McCain has voted against health care and effective
Calling for laws against abortion is the easiest and cheapest way of appearing to support "life" while taking no other steps to do so -- even while promoting an agenda of death.
His campaign suggests that, even though McCain has consistently called for the overturn of Roe v. Wade, his position simply means that the issue of a woman's right to privacy would go back to the states.
In a one-one-one interview with CBS' Katie Couric, Cindy McCain says she disagrees with Sarah Palin on abortion: COURIC: Some
Barack Obama has launched a broadside against John McCain's opposition to abortion rights and moved one of the most divisive