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“There are days it hurts. There are days I feel like I was treated unfairly,” he said about the controversy. “But, you know
Rolling Stone’s List of The 10 Best Movies of the Decade Rolling Stone’s List of The 10 Best Movies of 2013 "The conduct
McChrystal Was 'Completely Surprised' By Rolling Stone Article
Michael Hastings, the Rolling Stone writer whose reporting compelled the White House to fire Gen. Stanley McChrystal as commander
"I worry about it. I do worry about that order," said Martha Raddatz, ABC News chief foreign correspondent. Raddatz, speaking
WASHINGTON -- Nine days after a four-star general was relieved of command for comments made to Rolling Stone magazine, Defense
Rolling Stone has a hit on its hands thanks to Gen. Stanley McChrystal. Citing initial estimates from New York and Los Angeles
WASHINGTON -- The U.S. Army inspector general is investigating whether aides to former Afghanistan commander Gen. Stanley
The press release reads as follows: War in Afghanistan watchers haven't heard the last of Michael Hastings, whose recent
What do General Stanley McChrystal and Helen Thomas have in common? Both were fired for exercising their right to free speech.
"Lara Logan, come on down! You're the next guest on Hysterical Backstabbing Jealous Hackfest 2010!" his post began. Taibbi
WATCH: "When you start an article with General McChrystal making obscene gestures, you're not even using something that he
Here's a loose-lipped playlist for Stan the Man, a dude with a big ego and a very mixed record who finally accomplished the impossible -- actually stealing some of the cultural spotlight away from Lady GaGa.
Obama did the right thing this week in firing McChrystal. Unfortunately, the other decisions the President faces regarding Afghanistan are not as easy. It is difficult to get out of Afghanistan today, but it will be more difficult to get out tomorrow.
General McChrystal was ultimately done in by his lack of discretion, but the war effort in Afghanistan will eventually be a failure because of the over-reliance and misapplication of COIN.
McChrystal is more honest in his assessments than either Obama or Petraeus. The President is accustomed to throw the mantle of success over failure through glib talk and spin.
Clearly, McChrystal didn't heed the advice given in Shakespeare's classic play about mishaps in war, Troilus and Cressida -- "Lay thy finger on thy lips!"
While Washington soaks up the outcome of this showdown, the more important story is that even McChrystal, the Afghanistan war's point man and chief proponent, has been harboring doubts about the feasibility of the mission.
One of the more striking aspects of the current episode is that no one is vigorously disputing the essence of the assessments advanced by McChrystal and his associates.
I imagine that Rolling Stone now understands that the White House will respond very quickly the next time the commander in charge of our controversial war puts the entire operation in jeopardy over some ill-advised sass talk.