mccutcheon v fec

We are halfway through the 2016 national elections and the onslaught of political money from billionaires and multimillionaires will continue and increase. This is not the way our democracy is meant to work or the way our country is meant to be governed.
This kind of unregulated campaign finance system has resulted in massive corruption scandals in the past. It will do so again in the future. Citizens United has brought an onslaught of big money from the Super Rich who are treating federal campaigns as their political playground.
January 21 will mark the sixth anniversary of the Supreme Court decision in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, one of the worst and most damaging decisions in the court's history.
They are engaging in campaign finance machinations the justices once deemed a "wild hypothetical."
The ban on "soft money" donations to state parties is on the line.
Individual donors are already giving more than $300,000 to special Clinton committee.
The Supreme Court began its fall term this week. This seems like a good time to pause for a moment and revisit how decisions by Chief Justice John Roberts and four of his Supreme Court colleagues during the past five years have given the nation a system of legalized bribery.
“We’re watching the destruction of the contribution limits, whose principal purpose was to prevent corruption.”
There was no public debate or awareness of the issue because House and Senate leaders knew that it could never stand up to public scrutiny. This abuse of the legislative process has now come to full fruition.
Super PACs are taking in unprecedented amounts of cash, all the while being allowed to conceal the identities of their donors. This amounts to little more than legalized bribery, which the Supreme Court has aided and abetted with their rulings on McCutcheon, Citizens United, and similar decisions.
However, when Weintraub and Ravel brought up their petition during an FEC meeting last week, they were told they can’t appeal
Or it could show a continued drift toward redefining democracy in non-egalitarian terms, as Paul S. Ryan, legal counsel for
In the case before the court, Florida judicial candidate Lanell Williams-Yulee had signed her name to a fundraising solicitation
WASHINGTON -- The Republican Party is taking full advantage of the new campaign contribution accounts and limits slipped
Too much money in our elections undermines representative democracy. But the FEC can begin to right its wrongs. It should recommit to enforcing the law and safeguarding democracy. And perhaps sometimes soon, the FEC should invite the public back to the podium for some good old-fashioned free speech -- the kind that doesn't cost a dime.