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A high school science teacher from Iowa is now the brand ambassador for one of the biggest fast food chains in America.
Cisna, on the other hand, is excited about the McDonald's diet and thinks that the experiment has taught him lifelong, healthy
Brazil has a simple message for McDonald's: Stop luring our kids to the golden arches with shiny toys, just to hit them with
* Investors reject obesity report proposal for second time While the chain has added food like salads, oatmeal and smoothies
The idea is to get kids to want junk food so much that they nag their parents to take them to McDonald's, and to buy them other foods they have seen advertised, eventually breaking down parents' resistance.
"This is about choice and we believe in the democratic process," Chief Executive Jim Skinner told a packed room at its shareholders
This week, CSPI threatened to sue McDonald's unless the company agrees to stop using toys to beguile young children. CSPI contends the practice is unfair and deceptive.