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McDonald's joins a growing list of low-wage employers, including Walmart and Target, that have raised wages in recent months
Forget the salad wraps or apple slices -- McDonald's is now serving up an even more creative alternative, in an attempt to satisfy thousands of workers demanding fair wages and respect at the workplace.
Over the last 18 months, fast food workers in the U.S. have held several strikes to demand higher wages. Today, hundreds of workers are on strike again, and this time, the movement has gone global.
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It took a mandatory Securities and Exchange Commission filing, but McDonald's appears to have finally acknowledged the obvious in its recently-issued 2013 annual report: it may have to pay its workers more money.
While President Barack Obama's proposal to raise the federal minimum wage to $10.10 an hour would increase costs for restaurants
Wow. We've lived in this era of unchecked corporate greed for a while now. So it's rare that a company's actions take our breath away. But there you have it. The McDonald's hotline stopped just short of pointing out how much cheaper it is to kill yourself.
McDonald's is encouraging its workers to take time off to stay healthy, even as many of them can't afford to take that advice
"Do you think this is fair that I have to be making $8.25 when I've been working at McDonald's for 10 years?" Salgado said