McKinney printed the entire text of HB 2 onto rolls of toilet paper.
Watching, sickened, barely able to finish but forcing myself to, the video (from the police dash camera) of Sandra Bland being brutalized by a Texas trooper, I flashed on my ten years working with batterers.
The white people in my life just don't care. My fiancé is white and he doesn't want to hear it anymore. My best friends are all white, and they have been radio silent for the past year. But what do I expect? These are the same people I spent my adolescence with pretending not to be black.
A memorial near the Emanuel AME Church is viewed on June 18, 2015 in Charleston, South Carolina, after a mass shooting at
Let us look to the death of Walter Scott, an unarmed black man who was shot from behind by a white police officer in April
Anyway, yeah, it looks brutal. It makes your gut reaction -- your initial reaction is to just "Get off that baby girl." That
Though Rachel Dolezal might have compassion for what it means to be Black in America, her 15-year-old self would not have suffered the indignities as were meted out to in McKinney, Texas.
One of the more difficult things to do, for many of us at least, is to react in the moment, when injustice is occurring right in front our eyes, but in a way that does not directly affect us. The "safe" thing to do is avoid the conflict, to get away and certainly not get involved. However, there are times when the safe thing to do is not the right thing to do.
The drama of the swimming pool and claims that African Americans don't belong in such spaces occupy a historic narrative in the American psyche.
In the past months, I've seriously considered how and when my attitude toward the police changed so dramatically. I left for college with the belief that police are there to protect me.