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Dajerria Becton said she hasn't gone swimming since the episode three years ago.
The award was described as "bittersweet" by his attorney.
Meet the man who’s leading the charge against DACA. No, I don’t mean President Donald Trump. I mean Ken Paxton, the Texas
The viral video of the incident sparked national backlash.
Sandra Bland's family has filed a wrongful death suit, but the Department of Justice should conduct an independent investigation into Bland's death and an independent prosecutor should handle the case
We all face the challenge of truly seeing beyond our own entry point the travails of our sisters who make up roughly 13 percent of the female population in the United States, but who remain largely on the margins in the hearts and minds of their fellow citizens -- and often in their own communities.
Police ticket and arrest African-American students at much higher rates than whites, a new report shows.
The challenges black men face are real, but I was humbled to learn how unequal justice affects black women. Black women are the fastest growing prison population and their stories must be told if we are going to break this trend. It is open season on all Americans.
It is terrifying to consider that it takes the body of a black woman hanging dead in a jail cell -- over a traffic violation no less -- to finally get national attention on the issue of racist, police brutality against us.