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McDonald's announced a major menu quality overhaul to appeal to customers who care what's inside their greasy paper bags. The Golden Arches will be ditching artificial preservatives from Chicken McNuggets, scrambled eggs, and breakfast sausage.
The move is part of a larger trend among big food companies.
Zesty Ranch, Chipotle BBQ and Garlic Parmesan -- pick your poison.
1. Tomas de trabajadores cortando pollos. Tampoco aporta nada positivo el rumor de que sus McNuggets contienen hasta picos
Burger King is betting that consumers will opt to save money rather than try to collect all four railroad pieces once again.
In what may be a relief to many of us, a new video produced by McDonald's shows its Chicken McNuggets are not made with pink
Take, for instance, the chicken nugget. A paper published online last month by The American Journal of Medicine looked at
Every time something bad happens to me, I seek solace in the McRib. Job interview didn't go well? A McRib. Girlfriend dump you? Two McRibs. Just got hit by a car? I'm not walking anywhere, make it three.