The fast food giant hopes bringing back the cult sandwich will improve sales that have declined because of the pandemic.
McDonalds seems to be on a constant quest to prove to the world that its food is in fact actual food. And one of the more mysterious menu items has always been the Chicken McNugget.
If you've always thought the McRib seemed like the most elusive sandwich in fast food, you're not alone. Jimmy Kimmel has
The pork gets shaped into something that vaguely resembles a rack of ribs. Then the patties are sprayed with water and frozen
So now are you feeling better or worse?
McDonald's McRib fans may have to hunt harder than usual for the popular sandwich this year. As it seeks to boost sales, McDonald's
11. The near Srirachapocalypse of 2014. 4. The great migration of the Gathering of the Juggalos. He first reappeared on Drake's
It's not a taste issue -- The Huffington Post found the wings to actually be quite tasty. And we weren't the only ones. Judging
To those who say you shouldn't eat at McDonald's on vacation, we say: Have you heard of India's McAloo Tikki?