On World Tuberculosis Day, four survivors reveal what it's like to have "airborne cancer."
"Nobody is safe from it," says South Africa's health minister.
His budget comes two months after his lauded plan to attack tuberculosis.
He highlighted malaria and HIV/AIDS instead, the other two diseases the Global Fund was established to fight.
The leading infectious killer in the world has been around for centuries. When will the world eliminate tuberculosis?
Over 1.5 million people now die from tuberculosis a year, pushing it past AIDS.
The White House has a plan to combat multidrug-resistant tuberculosis, but it may never get funded.
We need to increase financial commitment by both the public and the private sectors and strengthen the provision of high-quality TB care by all providers to accelerate TB control today.
If the global leaders in Davos don't invest in innovative new tools like TB vaccines, a world without effective antibiotics may be what awaits us. I hope Bono's voice is rested.
I am a tuberculosis physician in Delhi, India, and daily face numerous obstacles and challenges in treating TB. Stigma against