me too movement

Joe Biden revealed the regrets he has over how he handled questioning Anita Hill during the confirmation hearing on eventual Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.
Jennie Willoughby called the former White House aide's quiet re-emergence "deeply troubling," noting that "he has yet to candidly address" his alleged domestic abuse.
The movement was about workplace sexual assaults at the beginning, but its impact has grown. Just look at Michael Cohen.
A new law in California has done away with nondisclosure agreements when it comes to sexual misconduct settlements.
Me Too’s Tarana Burke doesn’t recognize the movement she created more than 10 years ago.
The former CBS chairman reportedly had offered to get work for actress Bobbie Phillips to prevent her from coming forward with her sexual assault accusation.
When asked for his message to young men, President Trump railed against the Me Too movement.
Political views are more of a dividing line than gender.
Terry Crews headed to Capitol Hill to testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee and to fight for the rights of sexual assault survivors. He also explained the dangers of fighting back as a black man in America.
Another woman sparked cheers for standing up against Robbins as he opined on the movement.
"Rice Bunny" has become social media shorthand for discussions about #MeToo and sexual harassment.