mean girls

"I’m making music to start conversations," the "Mean Girls" actor and singer said of "Snow Angel," the title track of her debut album.
The comedian had a fiery quip for people who trashed the musical on social media.
Interviewer Andy Cohen seemed very taken aback by the "Mean Girls" star's comments.
The 2024 movie makes a less-than-subtle nod to Lohan’s real-life past.
Fey and Meadows make their return as Ms. Norbury and Principal Duvall, respectively, in the movie musical.
Lohan also discussed the possibility of a "Mean Girls" sequel in the future.
However, the actor might have been more receptive to the idea if she had been informed of a key detail beforehand.
The trailer for the 2024 film starring Renée Rapp obscures its Broadway roots, instead focusing on the Lindsay Lohan comedy with which it shares its name.
The actor said that things got so bad, her parents flew to New York to try to convince her to leave the Broadway production.
"Devil" director David Frankel said McAdams was offered the role of Andy Sachs three times and that “the studio was determined to have her.”