measure 91

Weed was legalized in Oregon at midnight July 1, and thousands crammed the Burnside Bridge in Portland to get a taste of a legal high. NORML's Russ Belville handed out a few party favors to get the party started.
Measure 91's authors anticipated that rural areas might not be keen on pot shops in their towns. The law as passed allowed any city or county to enact a ban on marijuana commerce. But that ban had to be enacted by a majority vote of the people.
In addition to being opposed to the measure he's now tasked with implementing, Rob Patridge lacks the fundamental understanding of both the science of cannabis use and the language of Measure 91.
When Oregon's new law is fully implemented, the state financial estimate committee projects that additional tax revenues
Why would a journalist produce such a one-sided hit piece to help law enforcement spread their message on television and why a news station would let her do so without affording the opposition to a chance to rebut.
To date, 23 states and the District of Columbia have legalized marijuana for medical use, including Oregon in 1998. Colorado
I'm a native New Yorker and I live in Brooklyn. But right now I'm in Portland and I am completely dedicating myself to the state of Oregon.
Someone can test positive for marijuana days or even weeks after they last used it. "Marijuana-related" positive tests are not an indicator of road safety.
“Unless the legislature decided to raise it, the $35-per-ounce tax in Measure 91 would lead, within a couple of years, to
I've got my fingers crossed for our neighbors to the south to join us in a legal weed wonderland, and it's not for the reasons you might think.