The Meatballs: Italian Meatballs Italian Meatballs are part of the Bible of Italian food. They are one of those dishes you
A pizzeria in Newport, CA just created a meaty new dish that both cheese lovers and meatball enthusiasts will want to get
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This recipe from Jenny Rosenstrach's new book has everything we want in an autumn dinner.
When most people think of an Italian egg drop soup they think of the classic stracciatella, which is basically a flavorful broth stock fortified with a mixture of eggs and Parmesan whipped into the soup while boiling hot. Presto, instant deliciousness! Sciusceddu is the Sicilian pumped-up version of this dish.
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What's the point of the weekend if not for eating all the carbs? I don't know about you but I LOVE pasta! Whether it's cold
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When you're filling an ice cream cone you don't just fill it to the top and level it off, you fill it to the top and then add a ridiculously gigantic scoop of ice cream to it.
He was an Italian boy from the Bronx. She was an Italian girl from the homeland. They spent summers together on the Amalfi
Or none of the above: "American spaghetti is good old macaroni and cheese" says Los Angeles talent agent, Alisa Taylor. And
The jelly and chili sauce do You might think meatballs with grape jelly sounds weird, and you're not wrong.
I think you're going to love the traditional chicken Parmesan flavors in this recipe, especially because it's so much easier than frying chicken!
It seems like such a shame for someone maintaining a gluten-free diet to not have a meatball recipe to turn to.
Personally, I love the taste of lamb. Actually, I love any foods with Middle Eastern flavors. Give me my Syrian Salad and a little rice pilaf, and I'm one happy camper.
If you thought meat was required to make meatballs, you thought wrong.