medecins sans frontieres

It is very difficult these days to not engage in political discussion. Outrage from both the left and right dominate the
Ever-more specialized American surgeons don't learn the skills needed in areas stricken by war, earthquakes or other disasters.
Most designer brands want you to spend a lot of money on expensive crap. We’re not even exaggerating. Big brands love taking
"Sometimes you have to lose something, give up something, to gain something better."
At least 168 attacks on medical facilities were carried out in the second half of 2016.
Defunding organizations that provide reproductive health services increases the risk of a life lost.
The airstrike was meant to target Boko Haram militants.
I once heard an astronaut describe his trip to space. At first he saw individual countries, then continents, bound by oceans. When he went high enough he could see only one world. Do we all need to go to the moon to understand that we live together in one interconnected world where peace can be found? I hope that this exhibit helps bring us closer to this view.
"Empathy suffers from jet-lag -- it often wakes up only after it's no longer possible to do anything to help," said my father, a man who lost many relatives to the holocaust.
How many philosophers does it take to change a light bulb? It depends on how you define change.