“I saw an American eating [avocado toast] and I was like, ‘What the f**k?’”
So, how do we that? how do we start to change the politics of urban sustainability and resilience in a way that we see different
The rapper should have left flowers for the murderous drug lord's victims.
Looking for a reason to buy a plane ticket, I came across Destination Dev, a program that promises to teach coding skills
For Widya Anggraini, Bajaj is one of Jakarta's iconic vehicles. With its three wheels and relatively small size, bajaj has
Photo credits: Max Wei and APD India In February 2016, the Sustainable Development Goal Network proposed an indicator for
I'm here to tell you that I've found the Holy Grail of expat destinations. Each of us as our own priorities, but to find a place that ticks the boxes on nearly everyone's list is something special.
Similarly, in an effort to re-plan Cairo and regain its competitive endowments and improve service delivery, the Egyptian
The Euro-undertones are strong in Medellín, from the way the women dress to the way people greet you in passing on the street. Wandering around Medellín is more reminiscent of walking around Paris than almost any other city in the Americas.
Streetfight is an inspiring read. The sort of book that should be read by every officeholder wondering how they will advance their agenda in the rough and tumble world of contemporary urban politics.