"We are sent into the fire zone to retrieve people and get them the medical care they need.”
The night air was crisp as we stood next to our minivan on the exit shoulder; I hoped it would cool our feverish and frightened toddler. Her condition had been worsening during the long drive home and we were now afraid she was in danger.
Despite the difficulty of being away from home for long periods, Gilmour has spent more than six years working in the Arctic
As for what's wrong with Chris, that's a cliffhanger fans will have to wait until next week to find out about. But everyone
Interested as we were in Beggs' Vietnam service, this celebration was about Charlie -- about who Charlie was... Fortunately
There are too many instances where medical helicopters are called for people who aren't critically injured or don't have time-sensitive medical need. They will be shocked when the bill arrives.