In one pilot program, doctor-approved meals lowered health care costs by 55 percent
“The housing scarcity is not only real in general, it’s very real for families,” said Mitchell.
Access to health care is a fundamental human right
Palliative care is specialized medical care that focuses on providing relief from the symptoms as well as the stress of a
The author of AB 2821, Assemblymember David Chiu chairs the California Assembly Housing and Community Development Committee
A day after the 5th Circuit announced its ruling against the Obama administration's executive actions on immigration, immigrant rights leaders said now is the time to act.
Planned Parenthood and other family-planning clinics hold a central place as part of a truly robust health care and health/safety education solution. They're working. And we need more -- not less -- support and building upon what's working.
When I realized my marriage was over a few years ago, many concerns came to mind: Where is my kid going to sleep each night? Where will I live? These issues were colossal, but I could get my head around them. However, the prospect of losing my health insurance through my husband's plan? That was paralyzing.
You may not have heard the name Peter Harbage before. But if you are one of the millions of people getting health insurance because of Obamacare or some other government program, it's possible Peter had something to do with it.
California has benefited tremendously from the hard work of immigrants. And it is continuing to lead the rest of the nation in improving access to health care and coverage in all communities, including families who are undocumented.
Here in California, it's our goal to enroll even more families as we look ahead to the new open enrollment period beginning November 15, 2014.
Those who have suffered from a serious toothache know how debilitating it can be. So, imagine sitting through an algebra class with one. Then multiply that by the hundreds of thousands of children who suffer silently in school.
More uninsured parents and children are getting health care coverage. That's a very good thing. But implementing policies like Express Lane Eligibility that can help get those with limited resources access to health care in a streamlined and efficient way while generating administrative savings, well, that's a great thing.
The media and many policymakers have failed to address the critical role that Medicaid plays in the health care law's mission to expand access to affordable, quality health coverage. That's a shame, since its expansion was meant to assist people who, in many ways, need health coverage the most.
March 31 marks the end of open enrollment for 2014 coverage through the Affordable Care Act (ACA), but many Californians aren't waiting until the deadline to sign up for health coverage.
Imagine yourself in this situation. You're in your mid-40s. You've worked hard all of your life. Then, you acquire a serious health condition. Your savings are wiped out. You're forced to go onto disability. You lose your modest home.
--At least 83 percent of those who completed applications spoke English, while nearly 5 percent spoke Spanish, and 4 percent
It is a daunting task to enroll everyone -- California alone has nearly 7 million uninsured, nearly 6 million of whom will be eligible for some of the benefits above. But if everybody pitches in, we can work to make significant strides.
California educators and The Children's Partnership are doing their homework to make it easy and convenient for families to learn about affordable health insurance options, get help enrolling, and even enroll at schools, child-care centers, and after-school programs.
We're just getting started. We are committed to reaching out and engaging as many Californians as possible to bring awareness