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Some said it could never be done. Ever. But it’s done. The Washington Times announced Wednesday it achieved in September
When I strapped on the new Apple Watch this past week, I inadvertently got a sneak peek into how much energy it actually takes me to make it through the day. There I was at the end of the day, exhausted, winding down, when I began playing around with the watch.
“Aereo’s business model is effectively something for nothing,” Neal Katyal, a Washington lawyer speaking on behalf of the
The announcement that the New York Times Company wants to sell the New England Media Group (including the Boston Globe) and focus on its flagship title illustrates how the New York Times is leaving the U.S. newspaper industry behind.
The MPAA and NATO are panicking because they don't know how to replace revenues lost not to piracy, but to newer commercial content platforms like Netflix or YouTube. This is a better explanation for the brinksmanship over the now-tabled SOPA/PIPA legislation.
We are the generation that invaded record stores on Wednesday, when the new releases came out, wanting to be the first of our friends to have the new cool album. We slept on sidewalks outside of Korvettes for the first tickets to the Dr. Pepper Festival. We took and continue to take our musical entertainment seriously. It matters to us.
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The internet is unique that it enables both communications and information delivery in one environment. No other platform can do this.
The internet is nothing more than a communications and information distribution platform. What distinguishes it is that it can do everything that earlier platforms (TV, radio, etc.) can.