Media literacy

     In this era of fake news, conspiracy theories, hoaxes, alternative facts, covfefe, and biased advocacy journalism outlets
We also need news and religion literacy to combat today’s toxic environment.
I counted at least a dozen more times when media literacy was raised as an antidote for violent extremism. I'm used to meeting
To help remixers young and not-so-young alike, I attended the Paley Center for Media last week for "As the Nation Decides
Just as the 1960 election is remembered for being changed by television, the 2016 elections may be remembered as being changed by remix. Candidates have only recently transitioned to general election mode, but video remixes are already playing an out-sized role in swaying public opinion.
Much has been made of Donald Trump's tweets sent over the weekend calling Hillary Clinton the "most corrupt candidate ever
Learning how to work with others is a vital part of any hands-on media literacy education.
For most Americans, C-SPAN is like a smoke detector. We know it's there but we rarely watch it, taking for granted the fact
This was one of the early questions posed in a webinar for Letters to the Next President 2.0, an initiative from the National
For many people, whether they're youth or adults, reconciling Trump the sexist with Trump the promoter can be tricky business.
I understand the temptation on the part of the media to give people what they want. The more clicks a celebrity breakup story gets, the more stories are spawned. Yet I can't help needing more from the fourth estate.
Mr. Axelrod's statement is exactly why I started The LAMP, which brings basic media literacy training and tools to communities nationwide, but I would add that the problem has to do with more than the media.
Earlier this year, a remarkable video, "We Are #WomenNotObjects" received significant attention for raising awareness of
Last week a school near me suffered a social media mishap involving its students. This, an increasingly common byproduct of our day, unfortunately catches many a school by surprise. So I received this call: "Help! Can you come to our school to give an "Internet Safety" presentation? And can you keep it to under an hour?"
This week, the White House announced a day-long conference about gender stereotypes in toys and media. Finally.
Pozner has been on the frontlines of media activism and analysis for over two decades. She has appeared on television to discuss media equity, penned op-eds and articles, and is the author of Reality Bites Back: The Troubling Truth about Guilty Pleasure TV.
In an election cycle when the media can and does shape how we choose our next president, the fact we have fewer and fewer sources to look to for credible information regarding those who are running is frightening. And it's only getting worse.
In this interview pioneering media literacy activist Jean Kilbourne discusses the saturation of sexualized advertising in our media-driven culture and the harm it causes young women.