Media literacy

Children need to understand the influence of advertisements and other media to be empowered to make smart decisions.
Older kids and teens need to hone their skills to process what's in their feed ― and sniff out fake news.
Experts share their advice for parents who want to raise informed media consumers.
Should you call out a friend who shares disinformation or misleading stories about COVID-19 or the election on social media?
     In this era of fake news, conspiracy theories, hoaxes, alternative facts, covfefe, and biased advocacy journalism outlets
We also need news and religion literacy to combat today’s toxic environment.
I counted at least a dozen more times when media literacy was raised as an antidote for violent extremism. I'm used to meeting
2: Look out for body language. Salinas cited a story from The Atlantic that suggested people turn off the sound. "That's
Just as the 1960 election is remembered for being changed by television, the 2016 elections may be remembered as being changed by remix. Candidates have only recently transitioned to general election mode, but video remixes are already playing an out-sized role in swaying public opinion.
But he is media illiterate. Media literacy - the ability to read, write, access and analyze digital media - is sometimes