media torture

Other outlets, such as the Associated Press, split the difference, going back and forth between using the word and using
In recent weeks, the controversy surrounding the Senate Intelligence Committee's report on CIA interrogations during the Bush administration has been a major media story. So why do they ignore the word 'torture?'
Reuters wrote about "brutal interrogation methods that critics say amount to torture." NBC's David Gregory asked Obama administration
The piece even went further than the Times usually does in acknowledging its hedging: The question of whether those methods
A new study has taken a close look at how American media refers to torture. A look at one Thursday article in the Times shows
Well, today Yahoo's Michael Calderone has comment from a New York Times spokesman, who -- while maintaining that the Times's
Defending torture -- and the torturers -- is now a long accepted practice in American journalism, one that brings you much acclaim and access to power, bylines, headlines, and lucrative contracts.
Talented journalist, editor and opinion leader Jacob Weisberg's argument basically morphs the infamous Nixon standard into a referendum -- if the public supports something, then it is not illegal.