Medical Billing

Holyoke Mayor Alex Morse's criticism of Rep. Richard Neal's coziness with private equity tests the potency of an anti-corruption message for Democratic voters.
The University of Virginia Health System garnished paychecks, seized bank accounts and put liens on homes as it pursued $106 million in unpaid bills.
The Washington state couple left behind notes revealing that they could not afford their healthcare expenses.
Outrageous health care costs and a merciless system are forcing Americans to raise money from strangers, revealing the ugly truths about U.S. health care.
There's a good chance at least some of your medical debt will be forgiven.
Christian groups come together to offer prayer and pay one another’s medical bills.
Workers shouldn't have to rely on a surprise bonus from a corporate tax cut to get by.
“There’s a reason you can’t understand your hospital bill. Nobody wants you to."
4. Sometimes medical billing is outsourced to medical billing services: The sobering fact of health care in the United States
All of your lab tests should have been included in a single comprehensive metabolic panel that costs approximately half of each individual test. Unfortunately, this seems to be happening more often as clinicians outsource their billing and reimbursement gets more complicated.