medical bills

"I refuse to waste any more of my time working with corporations to fix their mistakes — or at least, I won’t be doing it for free," the author writes.
Our priorities are really messed up when it's normal for people to crowdfund their cancer treatment or donate vacation days so a colleague can take maternity leave.
I never imagined it would cost us more to lose a baby than bring one home, yet here we were.
When Larry completed 30 missions he was sent home on leave. That requirement fulfilled, he volunteered to return for another
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Don't get overwhelmed by unpaid medical bills—try these smart strategies to lower your balance.
“Excuse me Doctor ― yeah, you with the paddles in your hands who is shocking that heart back to life ― are you an in-network provider?”
Dear Nurse Katz, My doctor recently ordered an extra X-ray of my hip due to what he thought might be a hairline fracture
I received your message stating that you were unhappy and confused with the bill you received from me for my patient services. I apologize for the inconvenience and I understand that, as a doctor, you may not be used to receiving a bill from patients.
Officials are looking for solutions to one of health care's most annoying problems.
Body Unfortunately, I do find that I'm eating more sweets and drinking more soda, neither of which makes me happy. Normally
Improvements coincided with coverage expansions under Obamacare.
When life throws a curveball, like a recent job loss, financial chaos can ensue. Losing one-fourth of your income is pretty significant, so your inability to stay on top of your premium is understandable.
Thanks to muscular promptings by NY State Attorney General, Eric Schneiderman, the three major U.S. credit reporting agencies announced changes in the way in which medical debt will be scored when they deliver an individual's credit report.
The complex world of medical billing is ripe for errors. As many as 250 people -- from the nurse to the medical coder -- could be involved in generating just one bill. With all of those hands touching the bill that will ultimately end up in your mailbox, it's no wonder some experts estimate as many as 80 percent contain mistakes.