medical care

I once heard an astronaut describe his trip to space. At first he saw individual countries, then continents, bound by oceans. When he went high enough he could see only one world. Do we all need to go to the moon to understand that we live together in one interconnected world where peace can be found? I hope that this exhibit helps bring us closer to this view.
When Kerry O'Reilly Wilks was 33 weeks pregnant with her second child, she went to St. Michael's Hospital with back pain one evening, looking for advice on pain relief. Instead she was told that she would have to deliver the baby that night or both of them would die.
My eighteen-month-old daughter loves cats, and that's all thanks to Inky. She calls them "kees" and her face lights up like a Christmas tree whenever she sees him. Which is why it pains me to say that we lost him, simply because we couldn't afford basic veterinary care. He was only three years old.
Some things just aren't worth the fight. Lime jello is one of them.
Soon after I began reporting on the military, I uncovered something quite disturbing: that thousands of our wounded soldiers are being discharged from the military not for their injuries but for "personality disorder."