medical devices

The regulator proposes that manufacturers use "black box" warnings to detail the potential risks of breast implants, including rare cancers.
“I don’t want to sound overdramatic here, but it seemed like a cover-up."
In January, the Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions (HELP) Committee released a detailed report of a yearlong investigation into recent outbreaks of serious, often fatal, infections. The infections were linked to procedures with contaminated medical instruments.
One Canadian doctor has built one to try to bring the doctor's office home
Equipment -- prosthetic limbs, pacemakers -- designed specifically for children often lag five years to 10 years behind new technology for adults. Parents are pushing for that to change.
Advances in research, drug development and technology have evolved the practice of medicine bringing us new treatments, new cures and new ways of collaborating. Scientists, researchers, engineers and others are paving the future of health care in labs across the globe right now.