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Audience members fled the theater after mass confusion over a medical emergency.
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Leslie Michelson, healthcare expert and author of The Patient's Playbook: How to Save Your Life and the Lives of Those You Love, explains how to avoid making a bad situation worse.
SPRING VALLEY (WABC) -- Private ambulance companies have tremendous responsibilities, tasked with protecting the sick and
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For a rush hour train headed to Canal Street, the N was remarkably empty. It took a moment to react when the man jerked out of his seat and collapsed onto the N train floor. A woman started demanding that we give him space.
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Over the course of my 20-year marriage, my husband Michael has developed an uncanny knack for having medical crises on national holidays -- crises that inevitably require a trip to the emergency room of whatever hospital is within striking distance.
The medical term is placental abruption, and in severe cases it can deny the fetus oxygen and nutrients, resulting in a still
You have your credit card to make purchases, your drivers license for identification, but what about a card that could save
Because you never know where you'll be -- or what you'll be carrying -- when you head to an ER, I highly suggest that you share your medical synopsis with an "emergency healthcare buddy."