medical examiner

The state's medical examiners were releasing coronavirus death totals, until the Department of Health intervened.
The disgraced financier was found unconscious in his cell last weekend.
Attorneys for the family of Michael Brown speak at a press conference today, that details the findings of an autopsy of the body. Attorneys note that the family wants justice for their child, and asks "What else do we need to do to arrest the killer of my child?"
Medical Examiner Valerie Rao was called to the stand by prosecutors in George Zimmerman’s second-degree murder trial Tuesday
I first learned of this troubling phenomenon almost a decade ago when I read an article about a case in Lackawanna County
Nothing, it seemed, was unusual about Joseph Shepter's death. A retired U.S. government scientist, Shepter spent his final
But that doesn't mean it isn't cause for concern. Bias can creep into an analyst's work in a number of ways, including in
As you make your 2011 genealogical resolutions, please consider adding Unclaimed Persons to the list. The 2012 you will be glad you did.
Next Sunday, I have the honor of speaking in Burbank, California at the Southern California Genealogical Society Jamboree
The same thing that happened to the gloves you left on the train can happen to the widowed great-aunt whose younger relatives have lost touch with her.