medical history

Gather and compile all of your past diagnoses, vaccines and more so you actually know your own health information.
When you are 70 years old, you are bound to have some medical problems, so I am not sure why the media and the public is making a hoopla about the medical histories of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.
I'm always a sucker for heroic, against-all-odds stories and, of course, as a nonfiction writer, I am especially moved when the story is true. Yes, there is value in truth. I spent part of today reading Jim Murphy's new book Breakthrough: How Three People Saved "Blue Babies" and Changed Medicine Forever.
A woman in Belgium made medical history after giving birth with an ovary that had been frozen before she hit puberty.
What better gift could I give to my sister or my other family members than to share with them the medical situations that I encountered? It may cause them to stop and think about their own situations and perhaps alert them to the fact that they are also experiencing the same symptoms, etc. themselves and that they may want to alert their own doctors.
The sudden sweep of a natural or personal disaster can happen at any time causing loss of life as well as treasured property and possessions. Ancient physician Galen reminds us that resiliency should not be left to chance.
A page from “The surgeon's pocket-book” (1875) (Credit: Wellcome Library/ A page from “Quain's elements of anatomy
Nuland held an interesting place in the world of the history of medicine, a torch holder for an older type of scholarship that praised great doctors of the past.
Imagine a world in which there is no stigma about illness, in which ailments are not a matter of privacy or lost insurance or jobs, in which we collectively share and learn as much as we can about what afflicts us so it can afflict fewer. It's just data.
Canadian government scientists used malnourished native populations as unwitting subjects in experiments conducted in the
Happily, occurrences such as this are few and far between these days. Yet in the past, incidences of premature dissection were not uncommon.
Is There A History Of Mental Illness In Our Family? Even your closest family members may not feel comfortable speaking openly
A visit to the doctor's office can be overwhelming for many of us. There is so much to remember for an appointment slot that may only last for 15 minutes. But it doesn't have to be stressful.
I like to think that I'm the first to notice, love, and highlight a fantastic new phenomenon that's out there: beautiful, young and brilliant women who specialize and punditize on all things morbid. Have you noticed this yet? No? Do pay attention.
Through the lens of modern medicine, many aspects of the modern Jewish experience are revealed. From this vantage, we can also observe the complex interaction between science, faith and tradition.
If you want good service before, during, and after your office visit, here are some tips for making them go as smoothly as possible.