Medical Information

Trump’s golf swing and hand motions have kept him in great shape over the years.
It should not take a death to access the documents and secret decision making of drug treatment court meetings. They are making life and death decisions with no liability.
We often equate knowledge with power: The more we know, the better we are able to make decisions. Unfortunately, there are cases where ignorance really may be bliss, and Alzheimer's isn't the only one.
The lore and the legend of the horse whisperer honors a whisper heard, not spoken. That all of us could learn to hear and understand horses better might matter to some more than others. That we might all learn to hear and understand one another better matters to us all.
ChickRx provides relevant, fresh personal health information to young women. It's sort of like a DailyCandy-meets-WebMD for
There's a new reality view of doctors' lives at work. This article, by Dr. Richard Baron, documents the mundane, every-day activities of five primary care physicians in Philadelphia.
The physician-patient relationship is key to your good health -- for prevention, treatment and recovery. Learn how to research effectively, and consider all of your options.
One lesson of the past decade is that facts - scientific and medical - aren't always clear. Rather, they're messy and often difficult to interpret, even upon expert examination.