medical malpractice

"The Daily Show" host said he's disabled after a botched operation at the Hospital for Special Surgery.
Boston Medical Center's Dr. Tony Tannoury was reprimanded for “conduct that undermines the public confidence."
A doctor didn’t care enough about the fat guy in room 204 to pass on information that may have saved his life.
While ACA repeal/replace plans currently remain "a vague list of not-always-coherent ideas", they all share one big idea. Each ACA replacement bill would deprive every patient in America of legal rights guaranteed by their state and local governments.
As the protections of tort law -- the law of wrongful injuries -- are diminished, millions of Americans are left outside the civil justice system -- unable to hold perpetrators accountable. The forced under-utilization of consumer, environmental and worker protection laws by their supposed beneficiaries against violators is overwhelmingly the norm.
Legal action though the commonest route taken must be undergone with utmost care. If you are considering legal action, then here are a few considerations you must have at the back of your mind.
I'm not going to share the details of my personal experience, but I will tell you that second opinions are a great way to avoid unnecessary medical procedures. A second opinion probably saved my life years ago, and I am now skeptical any time I hear someone talk about surgery.