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Turley added that his entire life would change should the legislation pass. "Just even mentioning it makes me feel reinvigorated
Lawmakers representing the city of Berkeley sued to block Haag's actions, arguing that closing BPG would cause "irreparable
The rule defines low income as medical marijuana patients who make at most half the area's median annual income, or $32,000
The market will also provide consumers with more reliable access to cannabis products, as hundreds of Los Angeles dispensaries
Hezekiah Allen joins Ricky to discuss how much money marijuana makes in California.
"Marijuana has never been regulated by the state as any other business," Ammiano told HuffPost last year after introducing
Ammiano's bill would create a division within California's Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control to regulate all medical
I’m going to try to keep myself as occupied as I can while I’m away. Try to get an online MBA, read a lot, be as prepared
Jayden's medicine has been supplied by Harborside Health Center, a medical marijuana facility located in Oakland, Calif., across
On a recent episode of "TakePart Live," host Jacob Soboroff joined Lt. Rick Ko of the Fresno County Sheriff's Department