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BERKELEY, California, July 9 (Reuters) - A California college town known for its liberal activism has voted to make medicinal
The Los Angeles California Heritage Market's executive administrator, Paizley Bradbury, views the market as an opportunity
Hezekiah Allen joins Ricky to discuss how much money marijuana makes in California.
Watch the full episode here. On a recent episode of "TakePart Live," host Jacob Soboroff joined Lt. Rick Ko of the Fresno
"Bottom line is marijuana is illegal because of politics," Sayegh said. "This is a mass political attack by the government
Davies was indicted on federal charges last July for manufacturing marijuana, after agents with the Drug Enforcement Administration
"BPG has served as a national model of the not-for-profit, services-based medical cannabis dispensary," Berkeley City Council
The restriction would stop dispensaries, mobile delivery service and cultivation, but not prevent qualified patients from
(c)2013 the San Jose Mercury News (San Jose, Calif.) Dangling on ropes suspended from a helicopter, sheriff's deputies were
Judge Harrison, however, said there was no evidence that the cooperative was making a profit. The raids followed voter approval
President Obama recently insisted that targeting marijuana users in Washington and Colorado, which legalized recreational
There was that. There was a few jokes from the lovely and charming comedian Shanti Charan. And apparently, potheads make
Still, he said Colorado and Washington should be allowed to do what they believe is right on marijuana law, adding there
This put a fast chill over other local government attempts to control the environmental effects of the rapidly growing industry