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Life in the Boomer Lane has noticed that, in addition to car keys, cell phones, and Kindles, she has also lost body parts
Even more evidence that all children should get vaccinated.
We are now advised by the medical profession that we can no longer sit while working but must work from a standing position. Otherwise, we face disease and worse, death.
Welcome back! Where were we? Oh, yes. You were trying to decide between all those plans which, on the surface, sound identical but, on closer inspection, are radically different. Are seeing and chewing important to you?
The trial is not news because these same results were reported, and received widespread media attention, last fall. This matters, because double dipping gives the impression that this is the second trial in the past year to reach this same conclusion.
The heroes of our flavor-of-the-day news cycles are not those who prove to be right or actually know what they are talking about. The heroes on any given day are the iconoclasts, conspiracy theorists, and -- just plain wing nuts. Affliction is the plat du jour, and these -- its master chefs.
This is why we worry about the confusion and complacency, and why we fear that the "debate" is giving many women -- even those who can afford it -- "cover" to stay away from the mammography clinic.
According to the study, researchers are currently testing DRACO against more viruses in mice, and hope move on to testing
A study published by The Journal of Clinical Oncology suggests that regular, low-dose aspirin use reduces the risk of recurrence and death from breast cancer among women (stage I, II or III disease).