Medical record

"Turns out they had my height as 6.2cm rather than 6 ft 2, giving me a BMI of 28,000," tweeted British journalist Liam Thorp.
Concerns grow following allegations that a gynecologist performed unwanted hysterectomies and other procedures on immigrant women detained in Georgia.
Briahna Joy Gray also baselessly claimed presidential hopeful Michael Bloomberg had suffered heart attacks. She later said she "misspoke."
"The American people have the right to know about whether the person they are going to be voting for ... is healthy," said the Vermont senator.
The former vice president's mental acuity has been called into question by some Democratic presidential rivals.
We have a long way to go in assessing -- and addressing -- the safety and efficacy of electronic medical records.
Harold Bornstein said "the raid" made him feel “raped, frightened and sad.”
Armor Correctional Health Services personnel allegedly falsified medical records in connection with a "profound dehydration" death.
Is your doctor putting your health at a risk? According to a recent study, your doctor could unintentionally be offering you and your family sub-optimal care if he/she is still using paper records to document important medical and patient information.