medical research

Gruesome new details have emerged about the Arizona body donation facility that told people their loved ones would aid medical science.
Anti-abortion groups applaud, but scientists warn it will interfere with progress on conditions like HIV and Zika infections.
Jesse Karmazin claims he can fight aging, and a lot of people want to believe him.
Maryland just became the seventh state to enact a “Beagle Freedom” law, which seeks to find homes for cats and dogs that survive testing in research labs.
It could lead to a less-risky polio vaccine that doesn't require the actual virus to work.
Solving global issues requires a paradigm shift in how we approach them.
A lack of diversity in medical studies is hurting science and patients.
There have been projects such as the UK's Biobank to encourage data sharing, and the White House recently launched it's Cancer Moonshot initiative to screen around 250,000 samples to hunt for biomarkers that are signs of cancer. Time will tell if these really are the start of something bigger.
OX513A mosquitoes produce nonviable offspring under experimentally controllable conditions. By releasing large numbers of
The recent announcement by Eli Lilly that a new drug intended to slow memory loss in people with Alzheimer's had failed a
We live in a time when tackling disease is urgent and in high demand. Just as medicine and technology evolve to unprecedented
"One of the great barriers to solving the complicated cancer puzzle is a lack of timely information," Kuhn said. "Analyses
"The study of Parkinson's should demonstrate the usefulness of PEP. With this showcase as an example, PEP could grow to become
2) Shifting Towards a Culture of Data Security: 6) Towards Cloud-Based Storage Systems and SaaS Applications: It is important
Why does the R&D system matter? There was violent agreement that biomedical innovation is vital to America's health and economic
Medical research isn't top of mind for most Americans, whether it's a presidential election cycle or not. I understand why. We think it's something that just gets done. When we picture medical research, we picture a scientist in a white coat somewhere looking at cells under a microscope. We know it will take years for that cell to become a medicine to become a treatment to become a cure. I
Symptoms: The patient will describe symptoms of pain and numbness in the elbow as well as tingling in the ring and little
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