medical school

"I am living proof of how bad it was before the Affordable Care Act. The fact that I am still alive and survived until it was passed is because I was lucky."
"We graduated early to help combat this disease but what can we do if no clear, systematic plan is in place?"
"The best way we can say thanks is to erase this enormous financial burden ... a cost that was required to fight and win this war."
Shorter med school curriculums are not the answer to our health care woes.
Each student will receive an annual scholarship of $55,018 regardless of their financial situation.
It picks up where basic (and brief) med school nutrition education leaves off, and it's making doctors better at their jobs.
The $3 million gift will fully pay for 30 students at the University of Houston's College of Medicine.
I was trained to care for each patient, regardless race, religion or immigrant status. However, this is not the case for our immigration system.
Recent events in Charlottesville mandate the retelling of another, related story.  In 1971 Ann Atwater, a black civil rights
In uncertain times, conviction is the currency by which we measure the worth of our institutions. And right now, our medical