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A new report cites fewer women becoming pregnant for the decline, likely because of increased accessibility of contraception.
Tennessee attempted to pass the same bill during this year’s legislative session but stopped short when lawmakers realized it would result in the state losing costly court battles.
The Health and Human Services Department notified clinics it will begin enforcing a ban on abortion referrals and on federal funding for reproductive care.
The new facility could be complete around November, which is the same time the new state law will take effect unless blocked by courts.
Now, he’s just discarding his position in exactly the same way Al Gore did.
Transgender men and other gender-nonconforming folks get abortions, too. But no one's discussing how the recent abortion bans will affect them.
It's a temporary win for Planned Parenthood, which was at risk of losing its operating license unless it met certain demands from the state health department.
Julie Burkhart, who worked with the Kansas doctor, opens up about the state of reproductive rights and her biggest fears.
Legislation to legalize abortion in the South American country was introduced on the International Day of Action for Women’s Health on Tuesday.
As states sign strict anti-abortion measures into law, women in more and more states could lose access.
Alabama’s abortion ban animated Democrats, but Trump and other Republicans seeking re-election have distanced themselves from it.
U.S. District Judge Carlton Reeves struck down a law that bans abortions after a fetal heartbeat is detected.
The fight over reproductive rights comes at a moment when Democratic women are really feeling their power.
Cox urged people to include trans men in abortion debates in the wake of Alabama passing the strictest anti-abortion measure in the country.
Celebrities like Jameela Jamil, Rihanna and Chris Evans are fighting against the latest restrictions on abortion rights.
The South Bend, Indiana, mayor running for president did not take the bait Sunday at his Fox News town hall when asked about his opinion on abortion rights.
The 2020 Democratic presidential candidate, who identifies as Catholic, said that free will is a core tenet of Christianity.
Republican Rep. Kevin McCarthy said he believes in “exceptions for rape, incest and life of the mother.”
“This is where our country is headed, so we figured we may as well get some practice," said Amber Ruffin.
The bill makes it a felony for a doctor to perform an abortion in nearly all cases.