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Every fall, medical students in their final year of study pick a specialty. I’m a professor at a medical school, and these
We are medical students — the next generation of physicians in America. Every day, we think about how to improve the health
Angeline says that her Mother was first approached to be a companion by a 60 year old man who was taken with the Spanish
2. Queally, J. 'Get the insurance companies the hell out' of our health care system. Common Dreams, October 25, 2016 http
This post was originally featured on The Doctor's Tablet, the blog of Albert Einstein College of Medicine. I'm not exactly
This could be empathy 2.0 for the average med student, who is 24.
But it's not like, by expanding the acceptance rate, medical schools will be flooded with unqualified applicants. The vast
How can medical professionals address the needs of a rapidly diversifying population, when we cannot address prejudice within our own community?
As in Doty’s example, a doctor’s ability to connect with his or her patient can also make identifying the real problem easier
There's more to being a doctor than diagnosing symptoms. And that's where art comes in.