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As many of us look forward to the summer Olympics, and being that it only happens every four years, this is most certainly
More than a fifth of migrants and refugees arriving in Sweden last year have been unaccompanied children.
Have you noticed that people who work in the medical field are getting younger all the time? All the people my age or older must have retired and now their children and grandchildren are taking their place.
Early detection is key to staying healthy. The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality suggests women over 50 complete these 10 essential health checks.
I recently received the following text: "Hi! My friend just came back with a double negative on her breast cancer [test]. What does that mean?" So here's what you need to know about your test results.
Dr. Harry Cho, director of quality and patient safety at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York, noted that medical tests are rarely
Though heart symptoms are similar for both men and women, the way that people perceive their symptoms and the point at which
As he puts it: "...death is a loss... too long is also a loss." It's a question of which we prefer, a shorter more vibrant life, or a longer one in which we eventually will have to cope with the challenge of a slow decline.