Medicare United States

Ahead of the Democratic debates this week, new results suggest that centrist proposals are better aligned with voter preferences.
They have some pretty important misconceptions, though the political implications aren't clear.
Bernie Sanders and allies want to squeeze hospitals, which is very necessary — and very difficult.
Hundreds of thousands of federal workers will be forced off the job, and some services will go dark.
The Oregon Democrat's bill would link drug prices with access to Medicare, Medicaid, military and VA patients.
We don’t have to imagine what will happen. They've already told us.
The legislation calls for roughly $8 billion in federal investment over five years.
The former governor and Libertarian presidential candidate receives a state pension, the state Democratic Party's leader noted.
The former president’s comments give credence to a growing progressive movement.
Republicans, not Democrats, are the ones trying to raid Medicare.
“We're not working in caves anymore or hunting animals,” Rep. Duncan Hunter (R) told constituents.
While Medicare does not set a minimum resident-to-staff ratio, it does require the presence of a registered nurse for eight hours a day and a licensed nurse at all times.
The calls for government-run insurance of some kind are getting louder.