medication assisted treatment

The president said he will sign the bill, but he has reservations about its lack of funding.
Even as the opioid epidemic means business is booming.
In order to fully understand and effectively treat a person with addiction, we need to factor in both the biological and psychological theories. There is no reason to ignore the brain when we talk about the mind and vice versa.
HHS lays out its plan to raise the patient cap for doctors prescribing addiction medication.
The legislation would expand access to evidence-based treatment for opioid addicts.
The National Governors Association wants the feds to help untie doctors' hands.
The group didn't want HHS to increase prescriptions for buprenorphine.
Of the 2.2 million people who need treatment for opioid addiction, only about 1 million are receiving it, officials say.
While numerous states have been vocal about the importance of MAT, many others have stayed silent. How can these states stand by while everyday many of their residents die from addiction? Just like victims of any other disease, people with addiction deserve the resources -- including medications -- that are necessary to help manage their illness and restore them to good health.
Only "a small minority of Americans who might benefit" from the best treatment are getting it.