Medieval Times

A new complaint is part of a slew of charges against the dinner theater chain that allege illegal union-busting.
A California castle's show cast and knights held a picket line for nine months amid a contract fight with the company. Now they're returning to work.
Starbucks just became the latest company to take its workers' union to court because of its name and imagery.
The suit is part of a larger battle between the dinner theater chain and the union, which is pushing for higher pay and safety standards.
Labor board prosecutors also say the company illegally fired a union supporter and withheld raises from workers who organized.
A complaint filed Tuesday alleges the dinner-theater chain’s management tried to get workers to withdraw support for their union.
A strike by knights, queens and other cast at the California castle led to a new union effort by technical workers who help put on the show.
The Department of Homeland Security turned away Canadian workers en route to a striking castle in California, an employee and the union told HuffPost.
Workers at the Southern California venue walked off the job after the company allegedly targeted their union's social media accounts.
The dinner-theater chain sued its workers’ new union for referencing "Medieval Times" in its name. The union said the lawsuit was pure intimidation.