Medieval Times

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During the Hundred Years' War, England had a centralized, state-controlled organization for manufacturing arrows in bulk. These were then issued as required to the soldiers on campaign.
Larger monasteries and the chapterhouses of cathedrals would have rung bells to summon the community to these prayers, and peasants and farmers living nearby would have had their day divided up by the ringing of these bells.
Virtually no movies about the Middle Ages are "very realistic." Most are little more than fantasies minus the dragons, with costumes, weapons and settings completely made up by the film makers with some kind of vaguely "medieval" theme in their heads.
People in the Middle Ages considered healthy, white teeth a sign of beauty and wrote of sweet smelling breath as a desirable attribute. So, not surprisingly, we have extensive evidence that people liked to keep their teeth clean and a large amount of evidence of tooth pastes, powders and treatments, as well as mouth washes and treatments for halitosis.
Unlike Medieval knights, the knights of New Jersey get health insurance and workman's compensation. Knights at Medieval Times
We put GoPros on the Knights of Medieval Times theme restaurant in Lyndhurst New Jersey to see what it like to go into battle.
The idea that people routinely emptied chamberpots out windows into the street is one of the images of the past that has been taught to generations of school children. It's usually said to have been done in the Middle Ages and it's an image that has stuck with many people, particularly because we find it so disgusting. Unfortunately, like many popular ideas about the Middle Ages, it's largely nonsense.
What are examples of things that are "common knowledge" about history that historians almost universally consider incorrect?
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Enshrining self-interest as the sole generator of wealth has enabled the wealthiest to keep 'their' wealth, via the divine protection of an 'invisible hand.'
The phrase "no man is an island" gets tossed around pretty lightly these days, but at its core, it's about the same thing. When the funeral bells toll, don't ask who they are for. We're all in this together.
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