meditation in schools

Parents and educators around the world are recognizing the benefits of meditation for children. We speak to Bob Roth of the David Lynch Foundation and Sonia Sequeira, Neuroscientist at Memorial Sloan Kettering, about why this is more than a trend.
“When you meditate, you produce alpha waves, your body calms down, your pulse drops, you go out of the fight-or-flight mode
Writing, yoga and meditation can only help build a more mindful classroom when it becomes habitual. After 10,000 hours of practice (a la Malcolm Gladwell), we can only imagine their creative potential in leadership.
Implementing yoga in some schools has not come without controversy. While some parents have complained that yoga classes
What if there was something schools could do that was scientifically shown to promote emotional resilience, physical health and academic performance? But what if only a few schools had started to incorporate it into their curriculum?