meditation retreat

These spiritual retreat centers will give you a taste of the monastic life.
By following these three steps, each one working in concert with the others, you find can your way back to the center of your soul.
If you are truly serious about your spiritual development, and want to begin progressing at a faster pace, I would recommend you go on a mindfulness meditation retreat. I've seen people transformed in just a matter of days at the retreats I have attended. And once you experience the full power of the retreat for yourself, then you too will make it part of your routine.
In 2009, I made the unusual decision to sell a company I had built for 14 years, donate nearly all the money and give away my possessions to undertake a three-year meditation retreat.
Revealing to people that I was going to be silent for five days inspired all sorts of responses. They were even more baffled when I clarified that I would do so alone, over New Year's Eve and my birthday.
Here I was, on a retreat with my daughter, trying to grasp what just happened. I had lost my mother. Although it was expected for a long time, it is quite a big thing when it really happens. In that moment the world changes and things will never be the same.
So here I am. Six years later and getting ready for five days in silence. I'm finally going to join that elusive club of individuals who have taken the time and made space in their lives for deeper practice.
After being away from America for so many years, living another pace of life in the center of Italy, we forgot the speed, busyness, and intensely mental nature of our culture.