“It strengthens our workplace culture . . . and ultimately helps us meet global healthcare needs.”
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VIRGINIO AGUER-VALLE, Stroke Survivor Virginio is a 76-year-old stroke survivor nominated by Catholic Charity Services. When
Patients, physicians, diabetes organizations and industry MUST collectively make sure this practice of restricting medicines
Russell Simmons calls meditation "the core of my existence."
The pharmaceutical industry's rationale that it needs high prices to afford the research has been turned on its head by Valeant's business model of spending less than 3 percent on research & development (R&D) and paying less than 3 percent in taxes.
Tax experts estimate that Walgreens, which had planned an inversion with Alliance Boots of Switzerland, could have saved
Early last week, the drug firm Mylan stomped on the Stars and Stripes as it ditched America for the Netherlands. Then, on Friday, the drug company AbbVie similarly renounced America. For 30 pieces of silver, it will become Irish.
The headline in the Op-Ed in Sunday's Minneapolis Star-Tribune blared, "It's shareholders over stakeholders for Medtronic." Nothing could be further from the truth.
He followed that up with work on heart devices that he was due to present at Black Hat next week in his first presentation
The Sunshine Act will curtail the incestuous love affair enjoyed by the triumvirate of pharmaceutical companies, healthcare providers, and the insurance industry, by curbing any inappropriate influence on research, education, and clinical decision making.