meeting the parents

Don't worry, this is a safe place. Your drunk uncle can't embarrass you here. The holidays are stressful enough without having
When I first explained how we met to friends and family, I felt as if I needed to justify it. I'd say something like, "Well, my roommate tried it out and it seemed to work for him."
When it comes to mating, we apparently value Mama's opinion more than our Dear Old Dad's, our besties and even our pets.
Meeting your significant others' folks is a situation that can be so fraught with tension, it's no wonder Hollywood has plumbed the moment for all its worth ("Meet the Parents," "Guess Who's Coming To Dinner?" -- we could go on and on).
When it comes to weddings and child rearing, in-laws often have lots of advice to offer. So much advice at times, it can drive couples nuts. We talk with one man who says that in-law drama caused his divorce.
There's that very special moment in a romantic partnership where you cross over from just dating to being in a relationship. You've already gone through the nerve-wracking ritual that is meeting the parents, but now it's time to spend your first holiday with them.
Prepping her to meet his family Bobble Chris told Emily, "on a scale of 1 to Polish, we're Polish." But first the two of them went for beers at a Polish establishment, to emphasize his Polishness.
Here (in no particular order) is what I know for certain after turning 21. Perhaps you youngsters can take a few things from this.