meeting women

Sometimes, we're our own worst enemies. Getting the courage up to talk to a complete stranger that you're attracted to isn't
It seems that our culture has become overly obsessed with convenience and instant gratification, so much so that the crucial first steps of intelligent flirting get bulldozed over.
One man is on a mission to find his wife -- and he'll pay you in cash or Botox to introduce her to him. Sounds like a sweet deal, right? But here's the problem ... he's a little bit picky. After a New Jersey networking event, a self-described #1 surgeon in the Northeastern U.S. sent a lengthy email to everyone he'd met that night laying out his plan to find a woman. Apparently, this man is "actually so successful" that he only attends networking events to meet women.
My wife tried to find other lesbians to date by roaming the aisles at Home Depot. You see, my wife is Guatemalan, and when her corporate job moved her to the U.S., she didn't know the first thing about how to meet women.