Do religious rights trump public health during the coronavirus outbreak?
The Rev. Bill Hybels admitted he had been “naive” at times.
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So why are so many congregations slow to embrace innovation? And shoppers throughout the land flocked to each new retail
Another lay leader said their pastor "will be the first one to stand up and say where he's wrong from the pulpit. I mean
When asked about why do this show Oprah said, "All my work is all about the same thing. Its about showing people new ways
I have always been a bit of a Renaissance person. At one point I was taking home paychecks as a television host, adoption caseworker, non-profit CEO, Evangelical megachurch preaching pastor, operator of homes for individuals with mental retardation, seminary instructor, and magazine editor and columnist.
Just as one-stop shopping behemoths such as Walmart and Amazon are fulfilling the retail needs of America's consumers, larger churches are increasingly meeting the spiritual needs of America's faithful.
Dear Christians, do know that just because you think you're right doesn't mean that everyone else is wrong. Though I no longer consider myself a Christian, I'm still keeping a space for God in my heart. I didn't lose my religion. Instead, I'm creating my own.