meghan daum

Feeling guilty about fleeing the city for greener pastures is not a sufficient reason to write a personal essay.
"My Misspent Youth" is an honest look at the mistakes we make on the road to adulthood.
Meghan Daum joins HuffPost Live to discuss her book abut people’s decisions not to have kids.
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We are not our roles. And we are not our resumes. And if that leaves you wondering what's left, well, you're certainly not alone.
Frey's atelier is not all that different from the MFA programs themselves, in that both extract huge amounts of resources from desperate writers in exchange for vivid but undefined promises of success and glory.
Before Candace Bushnell, books like Gould's that sought to capture the dilemmas and dichotomies of modern womanhood with
When people gain power, they become fearless when it comes to taking risks, and have a false sense of control. Sound like a banker or politician you know?
2008-07-18-200807172boomergirlpix02.jpg Why the avalanche of ranting about boomers? Is it because we are at the very apex of population demographic and we've reached the tipping point? Or are there other more subtle shifts at play?
We aren't the ones to blame for your daughter's Playboy bunny tattoo or infected nipple piercing. Advocating sexual expression is not the same as advocating sexual exploitation.