Mehdi Hasan

The MSNBC host said it was "not normal" how former U.S. presidents seem to have "some kind of a blanket immunity from prosecution."
"A sitting president can't just say 'I declassify you' while waving his hands over a file folder."
Hasan offered evidence for "just how far the modern MAGA-led GOP has gone off the rails."
Hasan slammed the Fox News host for "audacity and shamelessness."
Hasan says a "rogue" Supreme Court is now a threat to the nation's democracy.
The right-wing senator's own actions come back to haunt him in a new video.
One MSNBC host issued a warning about the 2024 election if Republicans gain control of the House of Representatives and Donald Trump runs for office again.
“We are in the midst of a rolling coup,” he warned before explaining the GOP's end game to subvert the 2024 election.
The barrier much maligned by GOP lawmakers was removed just days before Friday's deadly vehicle attack on the complex.
Donald Trump's senior policy adviser should never be taken seriously again, the MSNBC anchor commented.