Mehdi Hasan

The barrier much maligned by GOP lawmakers was removed just days before Friday's deadly vehicle attack on the complex.
Donald Trump's senior policy adviser should never be taken seriously again, the MSNBC anchor commented.
"I can’t go on a channel that pumps out what is akin to white nationalist propaganda every night," Hasan said on a Mediaite podcast.
“I would say shame on them, but they have none," the NBC journalist said.
NBC's Mehdi Hasan listed the QAnon-backing Georgia Republican's most shocking moments.
NBC's Mehdi Hasan reacted to the former White House press secretary's run with a reminder of her "brazen" lies on behalf of Donald Trump.
Jenna Ellis described Donald Trump as a "WARRIOR." Critics had a field day.
“It was just on and on,” Daniel Dale said of the president's lies during the last debate with Democratic nominee Joe Biden.
“Do you think these guys wake up in the morning and say to themselves 'What is the craziest thing I can say in defense of the boss today?'" wrote journalist Mehdi Hasan.
The South Carolina senator is "the worst of the lot," The Intercept’s Mehdi Hasan explains in a new video.