Mehmet Oz

The "Grey's Anatomy" star has a zero tolerance policy for pundits preaching "stupid selfish s**t" during the coronavirus outbreak.
The TV star has been making some wild claims about the pandemic on Fox News, which one epidemiologist calls "shortsighted and unhelpful."
Dr. Mehmet Oz said the thousands of lives that could be lost by reopening schools are a “trade-off,” one that’s possibly worth the benefit to communities.
The TV star cited a study on Sean Hannity's Fox News show that said schools opening back up would cost us "2-3%, in terms of total mortality."
The actor shared an ad on Instagram that falsely claims he endorses a CBD product and extols Dr. Oz's "advances" with the hemp substance.
The TV doctor hopes his experience will spur others to look for early indicators in loved ones to potentially slow the disorder.
The two have been estranged since Casey stood trial for murdering her daughter.
The first daughter tells "The Dr. Oz Show" it's an "incredibly important" issue to spotlight.
Even Francis Collins, the director of the National Institutes of Health, "has been supportive to the fact that we are dealing